Last Friday I got access to photograph the Ill Niño show for 100.3 the X. This was definitely more then a simple show. It was more of a mini festival! 6 bands total performed, from a few local bands to some more well known names, it was a great night! The one disappointing factor to the show was the lighting. It was so hard to photograph some of these bands! Especially Terror Universal. This band had awesome masks, but the dark mood + flashing white strobes made it close to impossible to get great shots.

Nevertheless getting to hear and see all the music live was awesome, definitely a great way to end the week!

The first band was a local one “Dying Famous.” I have not heard of these guys before, but their music was definitely catchy. Even more so was the vibe. A very relaxed fun show, with some humor thrown in (such as the cop that protects the lead singer from the ever so harassing base guitarist)