Sunday is not a typical day for a show, but this Sunday was different. I went out to photograph Mac Sabbath for 100.3 the X. If you have not heard of them yet, the quick description is a Black Sabbath cover band with a McDonalds theme + Lyrics.

I didn’t know what to expect. However since the first second they hit the stage I was hooked. Not as much on the music (since I can’t pay attention to it while photographing anyways.) But the actual show. These guys rock! There is so much going on the entire time! From the Beer drinking bucket (I think it was beer) to throwing confetti onto the audience, they guys put in a lot of work into the theme! I loved it!!!! I really wish I could have photographed the entire show and not just the first 3 songs. Normally I don’t post too many photos. However in this case you guys get 40! That was hard to narrow down form over 1000 too!